Business Users Computer Repairs & Support

Computers are an important part in a competitive business environment. You cannot afford downtime if your essential equipment is not performing.

Whether you are a one man band or larger company, you need to be able to keep in touch with your all your suppliers and customers.

Markram offers an installation service of all your IT needs from new PC's, printers and for expanding companies upgrades or new servers. If necessary, we can train your staff in the use of any new equpment or software.

Our website design and publishing service is a ever expanding side of our business. See our Web Design page for further details

We also offer maintenance on a regular basis to ensure your computers and network is running to its optimum  performance. This can be like "preventive medicine" finding a symptom before it becomes a major problem.

If you have an immediate problem, such as loss of your network or a computer crash, we can solve the problem quickly. We give priority we out business clients

Important Bits
We have no separate charge for travel or call out.
Weekend work is our standard rate - no premium!
We do not sell hardware or software. We are happy to advise on what to buy.