Mark Dradey

Mark Dradey

Mark has over 25 years’ experience supporting computers in a professional environment. However, he started using computers when his parents brought him a ZX81 for Christmas in 1981.

When Mark first left school he started working for a Harlow based computer manufacturer in their accounts department. This is where he learned basic accountancy skills. This has proved useful when supporting financial packages.

After working at this company for 4 years, the management realised that Marks skills lay in computers, rather than accountancy. With this in mind, Mark was moved to the internal computer department. Soon he was supporting over 100 users using a number of different systems. Mark often carried out on site maintenance and repairs at various RAF stations.
In 1996, Mark decided to setup Markram. Drawing on his past experience, he was soon able to build a loyal customer base of business and domestic clients. Many of his clients have continued to use his services and recommended to friends and other companies.

In the ever evolving world of computing, it is important to keep abreast of new developments. Mark ensures he reads any new items of interest involving the latest technology.