Here are some recommendations from satistied customers.

Markram Computers Repairs Harlow

Since February 2007, Mark Dradey from Markram has resolved all my PC and associated problems in a pleasant and efficient manner. Such work has included recovering files and data which after much time and effort by myself in creating, I had inexplicably lost.

I find such matters extremely frustrating, but Mark's efforts, for very reasonable costs, ease matters considerably.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark, who I will continue to call upon as necessary, for his usual very prompt service.

Terry B, Harlow

Markram Computers Repairs Harlow

Thanks so much Mark for all the great support you have given me over the last five years to make sure my computers, laptops and printers have worked so efficiently. 

You always respond so quickly, usually on the day that I phone you in panic when something goes wrong, and you have always managed to sort out my problems so quickly and efficiently.

You provide a really great, reliable and cost effective service which I would recommend to anyone.

Marion G, Sawbridgeworth.


I am pleased to have been associated with Mark for about five years, now, a period that has covered my acquisition of three computers. Two of these were PCs and the third was Apple.

I have leaned heavily on his expertise, throughout this period and am happy to say that I have had a most rewarding and friendly association with him.

New equipment has been installed and developed calmly and efficiently. His availability has been of a high order including many a productive phone session.
One of the many aspects of his approach to the business has been his ability to explain to a computer dunce, what has been going on and exactly what has been done to rectify errors, so that the same mistakes are not made over and over again. 

I hope that my association with Mark will continue for many years to come. 
I have no hesitation in recommending him for a very wide range of computer-related work.

Dr J Stewart, Epping